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Blonde absolu

Created and produced by Blonde + Co Creative AgencyYou Dare, We Care is the digital campaign for the launch of the new Kérastase BLOND ABSOLU line of products.


As part of the campaign, I worked as senior editor on the hero video, nine influencer profile videos, and social media cutdown videos — ultimately uncovering and redefining what it means to be Blonde.


In collaboration with a group of nine diverse and daring influencers, the hero campaign video inspires, empowers, and dares our audience to own their Blonde, and KÉRASTASE BLOND ABSOLU will take care of their hair.


#TheBlondeIDare is a social movement that invites all women to own their blonde identities, express what they stand for, and share their personal experiences as a daring blonde. 


As supportive content, Blonde + Co created a series of interviews, one for each influencer, which they shared their personal stories and revealed what being Blonde really means to them. *

Interview Videos

*Videos to be released.

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