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You’ve successfully made it to Chocky’s website & now you’ll be regaled with the tale of Chocky!

Let’s begin by introducing you to our hero...

As a young man, Chocky first picked up a camera and an irreversible course of events was put into action.


Over the course of Chocky’s celebrated career as a video director and editor he has assisted brands and clients in telling their story through inspiring visuals, innovative editing, and concise brand messaging.  Harmony is a key factor in Chocky’s work.  He masterfully creates a balance between his client’s needs and what “The Project” needs.  He asks himself, “Is this the best decision for the project?”, “Is this the most creative idea?”, “Is this decision working to achieve the final goal?”.

The Project is who Chocky will ultimately answer to, and his goal is always to treat the task at hand with the utmost respect.


Creativity.  Emotion.  Efficiency.  This is what drives Chocky.

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When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

-Hunter S. Thompson

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